Pam Headridge Photography: Blog en-us (C) Pam Headridge Photography (Pam Headridge Photography) Sat, 17 Mar 2018 16:10:00 GMT Sat, 17 Mar 2018 16:10:00 GMT Pam Headridge Photography: Blog 96 120 Working with the Whidbey Playhouse Taking photos for the Whidbey Playhouse brings me into the world of drama, comedy, music. There are so many hard-working people that volunteer to bring joy and entertainment to our town. The talent in our community is beyond belief.  Recently I shot photos for The Producers, The Hollow and now I am working with Whidbey Has Talent group helping to showcase the skills of our youth in the community.  Here are some examples.


The Producers



The Producers

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Grad Night Fundraiser a Success Thank you to all the parents and senior class of 2018 for trusting me to capture your senior year in photos. I took over 20 seniors' pictures at a cost of $100 per session with a guaranteed 20 digital photos.  In the end, I donated over $2000 to Oak Harbor Grad Night 2018.  This fund is for a celebration party for the class of 2018 after they graduate from Oak Harbor High School. 

Every student was a delight to photograph no what the time, day, place or weather.  We had sun, wind, snow, and rain and photographed at the beach, in the woods, beside old barns, in family's back yard, in historic victorian building, at parks, in the fall leaves, at the high school stadium, and in wide open fields.  Some wanted photos with their pets, their cars, by the graffiti wall, in their favorite sport attire, with their best friend, girl friend or boy friend. 

I wish all of you a successful, exciting future.  Remember "It's not about the destination; it's about the journey." Enjoy the ride!

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Island Life - Senior Photos Grad Night Fundraiser From a barn to the woods to the beach is captured in Caylie's photoshoot catching the essence of Whidbey Island. 

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Windy and Beautiful - Senior Photos Grad Night Fundraiser The sun was shining brightly but the wind was howling.  We embraced the weather and used it in the photos. 


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Pretty in Pink - Senior Photos Grad Night Fundraiser Leni wanted the setting for her senior photos to be in an old Victorian House. A local B&B, Anchorage Inn, in Coupeville gave us permission to use their place. Afterwards, we headed down to town to include the picturesque Coupeville Wharf. 

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Friends and Football - Senior Photos Grad Night Fundraiser As part of a fundraiser for Oak Harbor Grad Night 2018, I had a fun shoot with these 2 handsome football players.  We traveled from the high school stadium to 2 different  beaches.  

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Love Is In The Air One of my long-time friend's son recently got engaged to his college sweetheart.  While Brett and Sabrina were home in Washington for the summer before heading back for their last year of college in California, they asked me to take some engagement pictures at his Granddad's family barn and at Deception Pass. You can see their love for each other in these photos!

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Oak Harbor High School Class of 2018 Grad Night Fundraiser

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Jacob - Senior Portraits- Class of 2018 I was so happy to do Jacob's senior photos.  When asked what was some of his favorite things, he quickly listed his guitar, his church, baseball, sunsets, and ballet. We were able to incorporate many of them into his pictures.  


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Back To School 2017 I had a fun time capturing, in pictures, kids of all ages as they got ready to go back to school.  The little preschoolers heading to school for the first time were very eager to sit in the school desk as their faces beamed with huge grins.  Elementary age children were excited to see their friends and were very willing to share that special moment in photos. The older ones, going to middle school and junior high, posed for the camera to please their parents who wanted to document their children growing up. Seeing each age group preparing for another school year was a joy to capture with my camera. 

"A good snapshot keeps the memory from running away." Eudora Welty

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Love You The Mostest

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Lizzie - Central Washington University - Class of 2017

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Graduation Time Graduation is closing one chapter and starting a new one. I was able to capture a few of those moments in time for Peyton and Sarah.  Click Here to see more.


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Skagit Tulip Festival Photo Contest 2017 I had the honor to be the winner of "Best in Fields" in the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival/Columbia Bank photo contest. I received my award at the Burlington Columbia Bank Contest reception. Everyone was so warm and friendly.  A bonus for me was meeting Dan Lewis, retired KOMO newscaster and avid photographer, whose photo was a finalist in the "Close-up" division.  

My photo was taken in April on Best Road during an early morning sunrise. 



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2017 Whidbey Almanac Photo I took of my grandson playing on the beach graces the cover of 2017 Whidbey Island Almanac



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Photo Featured in La Conner Article One of my daffodil photos was featured on in an article called "LaConner and Skagit River Valley; waterfront, seafood and spectacular colors of daffodils and tulips!"


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Spring Equinox Spring equinox is a favorite time of year for photographers from around the area to shoot Deception Pass Bridge on Whidbey Island.  One of the most sought after pictures is capturing the sun in the middle of the bridge at sunset.  Often the weather does not cooperate but when it does, the photos are breathtaking. Here are some that I have snapped over the years. 


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Peyton - Class of 2017 - Oak Harbor High School    

Peyton - Class of 2017 Thu, 10 Nov 2016 23:32:13 GMT
Cynkar Wedding Cara and Mike had their wedding at their home in a beautiful, wooded setting with mountains towering over their venue.  As Cara always says, "It is like we live in a park". Between the majestic scenery and the fall colors, the location was the prettiest place that I have seen for a wedding. Here are just a few of their photos. Click here for more photos. 


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Back To School 2016 I had gotten an old school desk at a local secondhand store for my "Back to School" photo sessions.  I was able to photograph children from ages kindergarten to seventh grade. My theme was "Have desk will travel".  To see more photos, CLICK HERE.

Paige - 7th grade   Mya - 3rd grade Addy - 3rd grade              

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