CONFIDENCE MISSION - High school students need to own who they are and appreciate their individualism.  Often teenagers do not understand that their personality, traits and values are what make them unique and important. Believing in one's self will inspire each person to take action and to tap into their strengths.  I sat down with a group of Oak Harbor High School cheerleaders and asked them to write down on a sheet of paper some positive characteristics about themselves and what they liked. Next, the coach read out load each paper and their teammates guessed who each was. After that, each person's paper was passed around so their fellow cheerleaders could write what they admired about each one. At the end, each cheerleader wrote on a chalkboard , "I am ____________ and I like___________" statements.  They proudly displayed their characteristics and I photographed them. Here are the results. In the end, I think the group found a new sense of confidence in who they are. Be brave, be confident, be YOU!